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Water Challenges

We are going to stop updating the water challenges on this page. Instead, we will post them on our blog, which can be accessed from the navigation bar.

Sep 15-Sep 27- Does your car need a car wash? Then why not do it on a lawn,so all your excess water can go onto the lawn instead of a drain. Every drop counts!!

Sep 7- Sep 14- Winter is now approaching, so please turn off your sprinklers when it rains.

Aug 29-Sep 6- Make a poster trying to convince someone to conserve water. When you are done, please send it to us using this form:

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Time to get back to the water challenges!!!!!

We are shutting down our water challenges for the month of July. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't challenge yourself to conserve water! We promise we will come back with a fun event for you in August! But wait . . 1 month is a long time, and we don't want you to get bored . . . so here are some fun water conserving games!
   We are so sorry but our wait has continued into August, but we do have a fun event coming up for you!!! If you go to cupertino schools than a suprise is waiting for you because we may perform at your school!!!
     Though while you are waiting here is a new water challenge 
    Aug4th-Aug 11th
 Want to keep saving water? Then tell your parents that when it's time for a car wash have fun and get well all you want, but keep your car on the lawn.


A fun memory game. Each card shows a different way to conserve water.
Help the family conseve water in each room, and learn about conserving water.
A fun game with quizzes about conserving water.
June 22-June 29-
Watch at least one of the videos to the right about conserving water. Then e-mail us a few things you learned from the video(s) you watched.
June 14- June 21-
Find out how water comes to your house! Learn about the water service that provides you with fresh, clean water to drink.
June 7- June 13-
The weather is getting warmer! Don't splash yourself with water when you're hot. Instead, take a sip of cold water to help you cool down.

May 31-June 6-

Update your poster on how you conserved water in May! Send us some ways you conserve water at [email protected]

May 23-May30-
Make a list of ways different jobs use water. Then, beside each of the ideas, write down how not having water would affect the business.
We are sorry that there have been no updates on our website for the past three weeks. We have been busy with school projects and have not gotten the chance to work on it. Sorry :(

May 1-May 8-

Make a poster to show how you conserve water in different months. Write the names of all 12 months on it, but leave some space between them so you can write. Then, start on April. How did you conserve water last month? Write down one or two ways, and draw little pictures to go with them. At the beginning of each month, we will ask you to update your poster in the area of the month before.

April 20-April 27-

Play with water on the grass, so that water that falls down doens't sink into the ground. This way, less water will be wasted.

April 2-April 9- 

As most of you know, it is spring time and sometimes it rains. So we request all of you water savers to leave a bucket outside when it rains and then,when it is done raining, pickup the bucket abd water your gardens another day when it doesn't rain.


The weather is getting warmer! You should be watering your plants in the morning and at night so the moisture won't evaporate so quickly. If you water them in the afternoon when the sun is shining, the water will evaporate quickly, and you will have to water your garden again. In the form below, list some of the times that you watered your plants.

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Now try to get your friends or family members to conserve water too! Tell them about this website, and everything you have learned from it. Make a list of the people you have convinced to save water, and put them in the form below!


Thank you for participating in the Water Challenge! You are making a difference in the world by getting other people to conserve water too!
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Try to calculate the amount of water you use each day with the following information:

-You use 60 gallons of water every time you go to the bathroom.

- You use 15 gallons everytime you shower.

-You use 40 gallons every time you take a bath.

After doing this challenge, tell your friends and family about it and spread the message!

Now do you see how much water you use in a day? That's just for one person! Think about all the other people in this world; do they use that much water, or do they conserve water?