More Updates!!!

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We were contacted by the CUSD last week and they said that now we are only waiting for the approval of the principal of the school we are planning to present at. Once we get the approval, we will probably be ready to present!!!!:):):)

- Michelle


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I'm not sure if we have already told you about this, but we are working with a couple of people from the Cupertino Union School District to write up a lesson plan that will teach 3rd graders about water, why to conserve it, and how to conserve it. We are planning to take a few elements from our lesson plan and putting them into mini-presentations. We will then present these to a class of 3rd graders from our old elementary school, and observe their reactions to the content, so that we can imp...

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Article for San Jose Mercury News

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We have recently contacted the San Jose Mercury News, and they have decided to interview us for an article in their newspaper! They mostly decided to do this because California is currently going through a big drought, and reading about our project might let others see the importance of water, and encourage them to conserve it.

- Michelle

Presenting At 5th Grade Class

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Today we are going to present at our old 5th grade classroom! :D Our teacher invited us back to help the class with their Water Unit.

- Michelle

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to all! Here is a a cool picture about saving water!

- Michelle

Our Website's First Anniversary!

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Today is our website's first anniversary! Woohoo! :lol:

- Michelle