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Importance of Water

  Everybody needs water. Water is a very important part of our life. Just think about it. When you water plants, you use water. When you wash the dishes, you use water. When you brush your teeth, you use water. When you flush the toilet, you use water. We wouldn't be able to survive without water. But some people live in hot and dry places that rarely get any rain. They don't have clean water to drink or to clean themselves. The area you live in might have a drought one day. What would you do then? Imagine trying to live without water. There would be so many things you can't do. There are also plants and animals that need water. All animals need to drink water, but the animals that live in the water need it more. If all the lakes and rivers dried out, they wouldn't have anywhere to live. By conserving water, you can help many people and animals.


There are many reasons why water is important. For example, it's important because you use it in everyday life, like when you drink water, bathe, brush your teeth and lots more. That's not the only reason water is important; water is also important because it is seventy percent of you. Think about it. If water wasn't there, you wouldn't be alive and you woudn't have access to products with water. Can YOU imagine that? Having said this, I hope you understand why water is a big part of our life.

  Many people don't realize the importance of water .Without water, there would be no life on Earth.  We need water every day to live, because our bodies require water to make energy, muscles, and many processes. Also,  our bodies use water for many things such as sweat and tears. Without water, we wouldn't be able to wash our clothes, dishes, and ourselves. That means we would get a lot of germs and viruses. Many people would suffer from diseases and die. Can you imagine a day without water?  You wouldn't be able to shower, wash your hands, drink water, brush your teeth, flush the toilet, water plants, and much more.  You wouldn't be able to survive a day without water. Water has a HUGE role in our lives.

Water comes in many forms. Water can be part of a lake, river, ocean, or pond. It can also come down as precipitation, like rain and snow. Water can come from the water fountain, the sink, the sprinklers, and the hose. When you see a form of water, you usually don't think of it as "water", so you don't realize that its actually everywhere. Water is important to everyone, because without water we wouldn't be able to live. The plants need water: that's why you water your gardens. YOU need water: that's why you drink it. Animals need water: they drink from rivers and ponds, and some animals live in water. Imagine what would happen if the whole world around you dried out. There would be no color, it would be all brown. So, as you can see, water controls our lives


Did you know?

How much water does an average person use daily?

An average person uses about 123 gallons (466 liters) of water daily. If we use 123 gallons daily, we would use 44,895 gallons per year.

Where does water that leaves our homes go?

Water that leaves our homes goes either into a septic tank in the back yard where it seeps back into the ground or is sent to a sewage-treatment plant through a sewer system.The first stages of water treatment are purely physical methods, such as letting solid particles settle to the bottom of a holding tank and filtering the water through sand or other fine particulate matter. Some systems have additional water treatment, such as adding chemicals, biological process or ultraviolet treatment.


What activities in the U.S. use most water?

In the U.S., most water is used to generate power and to cool electricity-generating equipment.

What is the largest lake in the world?

Lake Superior is the freshwater lake with the largest surface area 82,360 square km  (31,800 square miles).


What is the deepest lake in the world?

Lake Baikal, located in Siberia, Russia, has a surface area of only 31,727 square km  (12,250 square miles) but it is the lake with the largest water volume in the world, holding about 20% of the world's total fresh water. At 1,620 meters, nearly a mile deep, Lake Baikal is also without doubt the world's deepest lake.

What is the longest river in the world?

The longest river in the world is the Nile river, and it is 6,670 kilometers long. Although it is known to be in Egypt, only 22% of it is in the country.